Featured Differentiator Development Management

Development management is about assisting and advising our Clients at the very early stages of a property’s development. The first step us the business planning of the development. This includes conducting market research, feasibility analysis, research on building types (best-use analysis) and acquisition or land target consultation.

RPM work closely with our clients’ real estate experts, marketing and sales staff and other relevant parties to analyse all of these factors and translate this into, or further enhance a high-level comprehensive feasibility report.

We continue to assist the client in defining the planned “product” and its market positioning. On marketing the product, RPM advises on concepts, master plan visions, sales/marketing strategies and revenue enhancement to help the client meet their requirements.

In the execution of the development, RPM applies optimization studies along with customized development and risk transfer strategies. RPM also provide consultation on estate/asset management as well as investment/finance management of the development.

Development Management is a highly unique expertise that we believe very few, if any, other PM Consultants can provide.