Featured Differentiator Experience

Vast experience and knowledge of the construction industry from around the globe

RPM has vast knowledge and experience, gained from working on numerous different types of building projects around the globe, including tall and super-tall towers, mixed-use developments, residential and office buildings, hospitality, stadiums, museums and others.

We believe in the utilization of the best technologies available today, not only in the construction process but also in the design stage. We recommend the use of the latest technologies such as 3D modelling/Building Information Modelling (BIM), various project management software for the overall management of every phase of design and construction, and the most advanced construction techniques available in the global market today.

We work closely with clients, consultants and contractors to facilitate green building technology to meet world standards including the Malaysian GBI standards, Green Mark or LEED. We believe that green building, lean construction practices or energy efficiency consciousness will eventually be standardized as the norm in the construction industry rather than a commercialized privilege.