Featured Differentiator Risk Mitigation

The financial success of a project is heavily determined by its risk mitigation. One of the ways a good project manager controls this is by establishing strong contract terms, both for consultants and contractors, that protect our clients against any potential issues in the development of the design and construction.

The higher risks transferred to the consultants or contractors translate into higher pricing. The key here is in the writing of fair but tough contracts while making sure that standard precautions are taken. Tough unfair contracts will turn consultants or contractors away, affecting quality and standards attained. Thus a proper balance must always be struck.

Development of these terms will be done in concert with our clients’ legal counsel and QS Consultant if/as required. Our Risk Mitigation strategies are tried and tested from all around the world and can be tailored to suit individual clients or any specific project needs.

The competence to mitigate risk as a project manager is one of the most important attributes and one that RPM is expert at.