Developers trust us with their investment. They trust us to make them look good by delivering their project on time and on budget.

Architects trust us to painlessly make their vision a reality.

Contractors trust us to deliver clear communication and collaboration. They trust us to understand that time is money.

We make these commitments to every client and every stakeholder on every project.


As a client, you entrust us with your budget. The best way to repay your trust is to take ownership of your project. We don’t pass the buck. We don’t point fingers.

We are fully committed to delivering your project on time and on budget.

"Don't find fault, find a remedy”

Henry Ford said it. We live by it.


Construction contracts are sometimes written to favour the client. In our experience, clients end up paying for these lopsided contracts.

Fair contracts more than pay for themselves. We help our clients write contracts that will get the best from contractors, cut project construction time and cut project costs.


Developers & contractors both benefit from clear contracts and strong leadership. Clear contracts reduce potential conflict. Strong leadership reduces the risk of delays and overruns.

The lower the risk, the lower the price.


Professional integrity is one of our core values. It influences every decision and every interaction on every project.

Our commitment to this is unshakable. We always do what we know to be right. No ifs and no buts.


If projects go off the rails, it’s often the result of poor communication. This is one reason we developed Proficient software.

For the first time in the construction sector, every stakeholder has a portal providing instant sharing of critical information with every other stakeholder.

Communication between office and site is seamless. Approvals are logged digitally and stored securely. Our clients can view project status from anywhere in the world.